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National Take Down Tobacco Day with Little Rock Southwest High School SWAG

Monday, April 1, 2024

On our Day of Action, youth advocates and their communities come together to stand up to Big Tobacco, expose the tricks this industry uses to lure kids into addiction, and call for change.

This year, the stakes couldn’t be higher. We are on the cusp of ending the sale of menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars – a monumental step to address health inequity and curtail the tobacco industry’s targeting kids and Black Americans. Communities across the country are moving to end the sale of flavored e-cigarettes that are fueling the youth nicotine addiction crisis. And the federal courts have forced tobacco companies to post signs in stores nationwide telling the truth about their deadly products.

But we can’t let up now because Big Tobacco is fighting this progress while running PR campaigns claiming they’re the good guys! They say they’ve reformed, that they’re "beyond smoking," and that they want a "smoke-free world." But it’s the same lie they’ve been telling for decades.

What a joke!

Here’s the truth: Tobacco companies aggressively market deadly and addictive products while raking in billions of dollars in profits. They fight policies that would actually reduce tobacco use. They constantly develop new products to hook kids. In a nutshell, they continue to lie, cheat and fool people into a lifetime of addiction, disease and death.

But we’re not fooled. We’re going all-in to take down these jokers once and for all.

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